Causes and conditions for the formation

Causes and conditions for the formation of erectile dysfunction
According to statistics, men in our country are more scornful of their intimate health than Europeans or Asians. Therefore, disorders of potency and various sexual disorders are an order of magnitude more common, are detected in later and advanced stages. Can i buy cialis over the counter

One of the concomitant conditions for the development of erectile dysfunction is a high degree of genital injuries, as well as the influence of bad habits (smoking and alcohol).
In addition, it was a misconception in the heads of men that having this problem, to begin treatment of erectile dysfunction is a kind of admitting the fact that you are already “not on the horse” and you can’t satisfy your partner.

A strong influence on the intimate sphere and potency is exerted by the stresses that men experience at work or in ordinary life – depressed mood, manifestations of depression, lack of sleep and fatigue lead to erectile dysfunction.

If we talk about the causes of intimate problems, they are divided by their origin into two large groups:

organic pathologies due to developmental abnormalities or acquired defects in the structure of the genitals,
functional disorders associated with psychogenic or other factors when the structure of the genitals is normal.
Often, combined problems associated with certain deviations in the structure of the penis and other reproductive organs, as well as functional and psychogenic disorders, are revealed in men. Over the counter viagra substitute